Decibite vs GoDaddy

Lunarpages Status: Is Lunarpages Down Again? Try Decibite, A Faster Lunarpages Alternative

Decibite is a Lunarpages alternative that helps non-technical entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners get faster results.

Get Faster Web Hosting

Looking for Lunarpages alternatives?

Here are three reasons to consider Decibite:

1. Fast Web Hosting Speeds

Decibite Fast Web Hosting Speeds

Your customers and blog readers don't have time to suffer through slow websites.

According to a study ran by the University of Nebraska, the acceptable waiting time is approximately 2 seconds. [1]

57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes 3 seconds or more to load. [2]

Additionally, Google stated in 2010 that site speed is one factor to rank higher in Google. [3]

It takes 15 minutes to switch to Decibite. After the switch, you’ll experience 15% or faster page load times. We guarantee it.*

“I’ve had various websites hosted by various companies. Decibite is by far the smoothest hosting experience. There’s very little downtime and very quick support. Everything just works!” - Kasun Jayawardena

2. Fast Privacy Hosting

Decibite Fast Performance Monitoring

No one likes intrusive telemarketers or spammy upselling emails. And you definitely don’t want some crazy customer getting your actual address. How do we improve your privacy to speed up your website and increase your peace of mind? 1. We Marie Kondo your website to remove any malicious code that won't bring you joy. 2. Every website receives a free SSL certificate to increase your customer’s privacy and security checking out your website (this is what gives you “https”). 3. We provide free domain WHOIS protection. Without WHOIS, an outraged customer or malicious hacker can find your name, email, and physical address as simple as doing a Google search. “At Decibite, the person knows you on a business level. Decibite will hold your hand, bring you to the car, and drive you home. I want Decibite to help me because they are supportive of what I’m trying to do.” - Ken Spress

3. Fast Tech Support

Decibite Fast Tech Support

Don’t waste your precious time with unreliable customer support from a foreign country.

At Decibite, you get 9-to-5 phone support, live chat assistance, and a personal ticket system to keep your website up-and-running.  

Our support team knows the ins-and-outs of hosting hardware so you don’t have to. And when you talk to anyone on our team of professionals, they will find the best solution for your business.  

“I have tried a lot of web hosting services. In every case, I found the customer service lacking when I needed it. Decibite feels like an unofficial member of our startup team because of their responsiveness to any needs we’ve had.” - Mark Baker 

Your business deserves fast web hosting.

Why? Because your customers expect the same from you.

* Larger websites may take longer to transfer. But larger websites often make more money with better load times.

1 - Nah, Fiona Fui-Hoon. "A Study on Tolerable Waiting Time: How Long Are Web Users Willing to Wait?" Accessed April 30, 2019.

2 - "New Study Reveals the Impact of Travel Site Performance on Consumers." Hospitality Technology. June 15, 2010. Accessed April 30, 2019.

3 - Singhal, Amit, and Matt Cutts. "Using Site Speed in Web Search Ranking." Google Webmaster Central Blog. April 09, 2010. Accessed April 30, 2019.

Here’s a simple comparison between Lunarpages and Decibite’s virtual private server (VPS) plans...

Decibite vs GoDaddy
Lunarpages Alternative



VPS Price?




2 GB Ram Memory

2 GB Ram Memory


60 GB Storage

50 GB Storage


1 TB Premium Bandwidth

1 TB Bandwidth


Free Backups

Up to $249.95/mo


Free Security Monitoring


Malware Removal?

Free Malware Removal

Included in Security Add-On


Free SSL

Up to $369.99/yr

Managed VPS?*

Free Fully Managed Service


Improved Load Speeds?

Free Improved Load Speeds

Up to $72/mo

Annual Savings?

Up to $4,951.59/year


* Fully managed plans means you get a dedicated team of server admin experts to help solve any issues you have.

Information is accurate as of 05/06/2019.

Here’s a simple comparison between Lunarpages and Decibite’s virtual private server (VPS) plans...

Decibite vs. Lunarpages

VPS Price?

Decibite: $25/mo

Lunarpages: $49.95/mo


Decibite: 2 GB Ram Memory

Lunarpages: 2 GB Ram Memory


Decibite: 60 GB Storage

Lunarpages: 50 GB Storage


Decibite: 1 TB Premium Bandwidth

Lunarpages: 1 TB Bandwidth


Decibite: Free Backups

Lunarpages: $34.95-$249.95/mo


Decibite: Free Security Monitoring

Lunarpages: $9.95/mo

Malware Removal?

Decibite: Free Malware Removal

Lunarpages: Included in Security Add-On


Decibite: Free SSL

Lunarpages: $79.99-$369.99/yr

Managed VPS?*

Decibite: Free Fully Managed Service

Lunarpages: $24.95/mo

Improved Load Speeds?

Decibite: Free Improved Load Speeds

Lunarpages: Up to $72/mo

Annual Savings?

Decibite: Up to $4,951.59/year

Lunarpages: ---

* Fully managed plans means you get a dedicated team of server admin experts to help solve any issues you have.

Information is accurate as of 05/06/2019. 

Are you hesistant to switch from Lunarpages to Decibite?

Decibite offers two guarantees to ease your decision...

Our Signature Faster Speed Guarantee

The 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

How fast will your website go when you make the switch from Lunarpages to Decibite?  

Plan-for-plan, we guarantee you will experience 15% or more faster average page load times.  

If not, you will receive a full refund. 

If you are not fully satisfied using Decibite, simply email We will be happy to refund your money.

Reject the status quo. Get Decibite and get faster results. Click the button below to get started.